Yep, I’m a blogger

Well, I guess it’s time that I finally devote my cooking and eating passion to the greater purpose of inspiring anyone who happens upon this blog in the midst of never-ending “healthy cooking blog” Google or Pinterest search.  Am I a chef? No. Registered dietician? Not unless you count acing one nutrition science class in college.  Experienced, busy mom that has years of tricks up her sleeves? Nowhere near.  What I am is a college student “foodie” (I know, cliché, but it’s true in every sense of the word), enthusiastic about creating delicious, quick, and (mostly) healthy meals that empower people to realize time spent in the kitchen is worth every minute. Cooking has been my favorite stress-reliever and way of expression since I became hooked as a very young teen, and every day is a new chance to create something beautiful, tasty, and nutrient-filled.  I can’t promise that I will be a religious updater because of a little demanding thing I like to call school, but I can promise that every thought, recipe, tip, or simple word of encouragement that go into this blog will be like everything else I decide to take on in my life and be completely purpose-driven and impassioned.  Thanks for checking my blog out, and I hope you leave my page inspired to cook and eat mindfully, nutritiously, artistically, and zealously. Check back for my first posts soon to come!


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