God of the Impossible – DAT Edition

I’m still finding myself in disbelief that I’m actually on the other side of the pivotal thing that had seemed so far off in the future for basically the last two years. The Dental Admission Test is DONE! Wow. That’s pretty much my only thought right now.  I initially couldn’t define my emotions about it when people asked how I felt because I was simultaneously experiencing every emotion possible.  Elation, disbelief, relief, joy, shock, you name it.  After two months (and ultimately two years of working my tail off in my freshman and sophomore classes) of sacrificing free or social time for most of the summer in order to focus on my studying, the test that determines my future is finally behind me!

I am literally BLOWN AWAY by God’s favor in my life.  My results were nothing short of a miracle.  Yes, I did put in COUNTLESS hours of studying my entire college science curriculum, taking full length and notoriously difficult DAT Achiever practice tests, working through the DAT Destroyer book of problems (that actually “destroys” your confidence in the process) two times, and trying to perfect my strategies and timing for the Perceptual Ability portion of the test that can basically be described as thinking and visualizing entirely in 3-D given ambiguous 2-D information (but to be honest, you either have the aptitude for it or not). Apparently this has something to do with teeth and indirect vision, but I’m pretty sure that will be an entirely new challenge to face that will resemble nothing of a test about pattern folds, hole-punching, angle-ranking, cube counting, and keyholes.  Let me start my saying that all my averages for my prep material I used were significantly lower than my actual scores on test day.  Yes, the real thing was for the most part MUCH simpler/conceptual/broad/straight-forward than my difficult prep material I used that kicked my butt.  That being said, my scores I received would simply have not have been possible without God right there beside me, giving me peace of mind, recall of all my studies, and confidence to do better than I ever thought possible.  Also, I had an incredible support system all around me of my amazing family, friends, fellow pre-dental classmates, and mentors – all lifting me up in prayer on Thursday.

Taking the test and finding out my results was one of the most surreal and out-of-body experiences.  It didn’t even really hit me until I got back in my car to leave the testing center, and looked at the printout one more time before commencing to text everyone in my life that was rooting for me (and they all went above and beyond to support, encourage, and celebrate with me).  It was actually MY name and information at the top.  These were MY results that would be sent across the country to dental schools of all caliber.  “Prestigious” and out-of-state schools that were once some far-off unrealistic option now seemed completely tangible.  My first thought that entered my mind after the initial praising God for ALWAYS being so faithful to keep His promises to me and proving to me that He really has called me to be a dentist was “I can get into any school of my dreams.” I really, really don’t at all want to come across as arrogant as I write this, but being completely honest, this statement is pretty accurate.  Given the unbelievable percentiles that I saw on that little unassuming sheet of paper, I felt as if an entirely new world was at my fingertips.  The Lord knew my heart and my desires to dream big and shoot for a chance to get accepted into some competitive schools that I have been researching as possible options if I decide not to stay in Texas forever.

I could write for days about my feelings about all this right now, but I just wanted to write a quick snapshot of how all this unfolded.  Thanks to everyone in my life that has believed in my success and has covered me with genuine love and support.  Here’s to an incredible next two years of college that I anticipate to be a LOT less stressful after this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I can’t wait to see where all this will take me in my journey and how God will use me as a dental professional!

You open horizons in my life
Of limitless
And cloudless hope

You defy the gravity in me
And give wings to
My flightlessness

Christ has set me free
From negativity
From impossibility

Christ has set me free
All hope has been released
O Christ has set me free

(from Rend Collective Experiment’s “Christ Has Set Me Free”)

Oh, and I love how I posted that Habakkuk verse on my post a few days ago, and it could not be more perfect for summing this all up.


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