I bet I caught your attention with that post title.  No, I’m not actually writing about a fundamental biological process, although I could write a lengthy explanation on everything I believe on the subject as a believing Christian with a scientific mind that would probably spark some healthy debate among my readers.  Instead, I’m referring to the idea that I’ve had recently that I might gradually shift this blog’s focus and purpose from solely healthy recipes and food inspiration into something more all-encompassing and better representative of the things that I’m passionate about day-to-day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enthralled with all things food and especially convincing people that eating fresh, healthy, and from-the-earth can be the farthest thing from boring.  I do still want to occasionally share recipes and my meals that are just too darn good to keep to myself.  However, I don’t want to showcase false advertising that this is only a “healthy cooking blog” with the name and description, only for readers to be annoyed with my venting about the stresses of school, elaborating on my dream to be a dentist/oral surgeon, or just my random amusing stories along the way.

As I get older (and I’d like to say this is true of everyone), my passions and priorities do evolve over time.  Thinking back to high school,  for example, I was so wrapped up in all my extra-curricular activities such as marching band, varsity sports, piano lessons, UIL academics, school clubs, and other endless time-suckers.  Of course all these experiences shaped me into the person I am today through my teachers and mentors, making memories with my friends, practicing and perfecting skills, and the sometimes hard lessons learned over the years.

I was very consumed with maintaining my image as the girl who did it all, and did it all well.  I also thought about what I ate and how much I exercised probably more than I should’ve, and I can admit now that I was too small back then (I think athletic curves and confidence trumps skinny any day) .  Now I enjoy my food a little more and appreciate the muscle and curves I’ve gained the past few years (even if they came with more pounds).

Things I devote my time and energy to now include things like the never-ending cycle of studying for exams and writing research papers (both of which I should be doing right now), working, dental school applications, laughing and late night library shenanigans, spending time whenever I can with my family and new nephew, fulfilling my goals to become a life-changing doctor, and living life with my group of on-fire-for-God friends that encourage and challenge me every day.  Of course I still cherish the little time I make to get in the kitchen and create a beautiful meal start to finish for people I love, it’s just that in the grand scheme of things, it’s sometimes hard to keep up a consistent recipe pool for blogging.  Thanks to all my readers (however few of you there are) for sticking it out through all my off-topic rambling, and be on the lookout for a possible new name and theme…


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