A [crazy] week in the life…

Just since my last post a week ago, here are a few things I’ve learned…

1. Sometimes seemingly lame Saturdays spent entirely (yes, ALL day) on schoolwork can be actually enjoyable if cozied up at the best study spot in the local coffee shop (my second home), watching a storm roll in, sipping great coffee (aka brain power), taking frequent breaks to chat with an encouraging friend, and finally leaving with a real sense of accomplishment.

2. My business minor classes are a great confidence booster when I can ace my first accounting test after studying for it about 5% as much as I did for my biochemistry/cell physiology test that was the next day, which leads me to…

3. No matter how many hours (days) I study for an exam and think I have a very good understanding, it is still definitely possible to walk out of a biochem test feeling like I maybe knew 1/4 of the right answers.  Tricky wording in questions, near identical answer choices, and the always doubt-inducing “None of the above” and “A and B/A and C,” will never cease to kick my butt. Then I remind myself, WHO CARES? It’s one test – God still has called me to be a dentist, and my GPA can withstand a little mediocrity.

4. A peppy, funny, and well-done Legally Blonde: The Musical performance can put a smile on anyone’s face after such a test, and I need to go to more Baylor theatre shows.

5.Bed bugs are a big inconvenience, and mosquito bites can sometimes be mistaken for them (ahem, roomies C and A) 😉

6. Washing machines like to suddenly leak and cause massive puddles throughout our apartment ten minutes before my roommate and I have to leave for class.  Now, when everyone is frantically washing all of their bedding (see above #5), all towels have been used to sop it up, and I’m trying to be considerate and wash my sheets for when my mom comes to stay with me, we now are scared to use the washer (it’s actually fine now).

7. Getting about 700 words (out of 2500) written for my rough draft of my big biblical research paper is a great source of momentum and determination to keep pushing along, even though I’m still hoping everyday for that additional week extension.

8. Biochem class in the biggest lecture hall on a late Thursday afternoon requires extreme focus to stay engaged, but if you do, you might learn something like the mind-blowing ways hemoglobin is so perfectly controlled by allosteric regulation and cooperativity.

9. Pigksin practice (for any reader that isn’t familiar with Baylor traditions, you just wouldn’t understand…) until midnight still always gives me unheard of energy to do things like stay up and write new blog posts.

10. Nothing makes Friday sweeter than anticipating a visit from my mom and going to a live concert of PHIL WICKHAM at my favorite coffee shop (see above #1).  Coming full circle to yet another Saturday study session, the cycle repeats and another week full of unknown adventures begins again.

Who knows what I will discover or get myself into even tomorrow?



One thought on “A [crazy] week in the life…

  1. grasswithers says:

    I know this post is way old. But I’m a Christian pre-dental student going into my senior year and applying for dental school now. Plus I am dreaming of oral surgery (but nervous about how much time it will take away from my wife and son). Anyway, I just found your blog and I’m reading through your journey. I had to comment when I read #8! My lecture on hemoglobin absolutely blew my mind. The very simplified process of [O2] vs [CO2] and blood pH control makes me wonder how any biochemist could know what they know and not be in awe of Good almighty.

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