Since when is it almost November?

This past month has been one of the most eventful, sleep-deprived, and challenging times of my college career. Here’s a snapshot of all things October:

Adding pumpkin pie spice to coffee grounds before brewing is a glorious and much cheaper way to celebrate the arrival of fall (well, Texas fall).

Singing my first big theatrical solo for Baylor’s Pigskin Revue was a blast, and I’ve never been happier to be able to wear no makeup and have zero product in my hair.

Writing about my entire life’s experiences and motivations to be a dentist for our pre-health committee application is exhausting, but surprisingly insightful. Actually putting words to my passion for my future made it feel that much more real.  Next stop: personal statement.
Not having time to make an actual well-rounded and delicious meal really bothers me.  Time to put an end to odd hour scavenging for brain-food and get back in my healthy, “flexitarian” routine.

The season Baylor Football is having is getting a little ridiculous.  I’d like to actually have to stay and watch a game be decided in the final minutes, but until then we’ll take the blowouts I guess.


IMG_0864Running in perfect weather through lovely places does wonders for the soul.

Painting a perfectly nerdy coffee mug can turn a case of the Mondays around.  (For all you non-organic chemists, that’s the structure of caffeine.)

Finally finishing my thorough biblical research paper on the messianic secret is a feeling like no other.  After weeks of hacking my professor’s brain, researching, organizing, writing, editing, footnoting, and struggling, it’s behind me at last.  I now classify myself as a budding scholar.

Sleep is a beautiful thing, so that’s what I plan on doing this weekend.  Also, I’m looking forward to having time to clean the whirlwind that is my apartment as well as catching up with my professional mentor who was nice enough to invite me to dinner with his family.  On top of that, guess who’s going to see Switchfoot on campus for their Fading West tour?

Only God could have carried me through this once-thought impossible couple of weeks, and I’m ready to sing a new song of thanks to Him as I rest in His peace this weekend.


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