Squash, Sage, and Simple Saturdays


Today was lovely. It was a Saturday when I gave myself permission to remove any thought of school from my mind.  After a two or three week stretch of constant exams and the paper that I slaved over for weeks finally being finished,  I forced myself to take a deep breath and just BE.  I did things that really make me HAPPY.  I’m not saying I don’t enjoy or appreciate my college experience, it’s just that more times than not, my weekends are filled with studying for the next test or catching up on projects.  As much as I am a self-proclamed learning-lover, it gets exhausting filling my brain with infinite amounts of information day in and day out. It’s so important to take time for myself occasionally in the rush of never-ending obligations and hectic schedules of college life.

After sleeping until my natural, non-electronic, alarm clock woke me up and tidying up my whirlwind of an apartment, I made my way to the local farmers market with my friend Shelby.  This is probably my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings in Waco.  There are so many unique vendors selling everything from crepes, homemade soaps, hand-crafted espresso sips, local honey, and the always popular breakfast taco.  We decided on lattes and tex mex and caught up on life.

Seriously the best latte I've had - maybe because I was drinking espresso for a reason other than staying up late to study...

Seriously the best latte I’ve had – maybe because I was drinking espresso for a reason other than staying up late to study…

To make any leisurely Saturday complete I had to scope out sales at LOFT.  Of course I wasn’t able to find anything…(who I am I kidding?) In case my Saturday free of studying wasn’t already going to be relaxing and refreshing, I spontaneously booked an hour massage at a downtown spa. A chunk of my paycheck? Sure.  Worth it? ALWAYS.

Since sadly it has been WEEKS since our last roommate dinner, I insisted on staying in and cooking an actual meal for girls’ night in.  I was so looking forward to using my first butternut squash of the season I bought this week.  I made this creamy butternut squash pasta with our fresh sage and served with the best rosemary sourdough bread.  Fall perfection on a plate, my friends.  I roasted the squash instead, used rotini  (to snatch up bits of that delicious sauce), subbed 1/2 cup fat free half and half for some of the broth, and just chopped and added the sage to the sauce.  I knew 1/4 cup parmesan would just not cut it, so I took some liberty there. It’s roasty, creamy, warm, and good for the soul. It was a big hit, and it’s a great way to showcase one of my favorite fall ingredients.

Healthy comfort food at its finest

Healthy comfort food at its finest

My day of simplicity and saying no to schoolwork has come to an end, and tomorrow I’ve got to face the reality that is yet another exam on Monday.  I’m praying that God would open my eyes to see the simple but far-greater-than-these little joys He gives in the middle of stressful times, no matter what day of the week it is.


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