“Keep Doubting” – We’ll just keep making history.

Last night was one of the biggest football games in Baylor’s history.  The hype of #EveryoneinBlack and #SicOU on campus and all throughout Baylor nation was impossible to avoid for the past couple of weeks.  As much as I’m an advocate for all-out confidence and visualizing success, I have to admit I was pretty nervous for the players and all the pressure being put on them for the win.  How depressing would it have been if we would have ended our winning streak at home and started our tough stretch of the season on a bad note?


Well, long-story-short, that was not the case.  I won’t bore you with the details, but we started out incredibly slow for our usual lightning-speed and unstoppable offense before kicking it into gear and putting points on the board.  Seeing the final score of 41-12 was beautiful and sparked even more extreme Baylor pride in the stadium and all across Waco.  I had a great time at the unforgettable game with some of my favorite people.  We’ve had the privilege of experiencing together some of the best collegiate athletic times in Baylor Bear history.


One of the most mentioned quotes of the night was Ahmad Dixon’s “Keep doubting. We’ll earn your respect sooner or later. If you want to keep doubting after that, that’s your loss.” Baylor puts up with a heck of a lot of criticism.  People seem to still look past our incredible stats and talent and only harp on the so-called stigma that surrounds our name.

“Scrubby little Baylor…They’re really no different than anyone else, well, other than they’re BAYLOR.  I mean even they have to know they’re BAYLOR….It’s OVER. You are what you are and you’re headed back.”

This quote from Jim Rome back in 2011 just makes me LAUGH now.  I personally LOVE being viewed as an underdog even in my own life, just so I can prove others WRONG.  Defy the odds, make history, rise to the top…That is exactly what Baylor has done since I came here as a freshman (our success is obviously due to the awesome class of 2015 bringing in “The Year of the Bear”).

As much as I really do love being a fan of Baylor college sports and cheering my team on to win after win, that is only one tiny aspect of what makes this university like no other.  I didn’t come to Baylor for sports (unlike several Aggies, Hogs, or Longhorns that I know), I came to get a world-class education that is respected around the world.  I came to be surrounded by a deep Christian community that challenges me in my faith continually.  I came to meet people that are passionate about knowledge, research, relationships, Jesus, diversity, changing the world – all while having a blast.  The victories, championships, and upsets that take place while the rest of the country slowly catches on and decides to jump on the Baylor Bear bandwagon is just the cherry on top.  This recent TV ad sums up a lot of Baylor’s heart and mission.1379423_10152026340636926_186674464_nSIC ‘EM and good night.


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