It is finished.


Those three words were the email subject title of my religion class’s final essays (gotta love Biblical puns – not to make light of the words of Jesus)- my LAST assignment of 2013.  FINALS ARE OVER, and I’ll let you guess how ecstatic I am at the moment.  A few  words to describe my feelings after reaching the end of yet another challenge-filled but rewarding semester of college:

Joy, bliss, freedom, relief, exhaustion, accomplishment, victory, survival, disbelief of how fast they keep on going by (I’m now a senior by hours)…

I don’t even want to get into any of the details of my finals because that’s how done I am with even thinking about school right now, but let’s just say some serious and endless hours were devoted, sleep was lost, workouts and appearance neglected, and now we wait. Final grades won’t be posted until Wednesday or Thursday so I am officially putting it to the back of my brain, and I’m going to enjoy my first full day of break! There is still a possibility I will barely avoid a GPA drop (holla! #perfectionistprobs), but there is one class I’m still pretty nervous about, and more than one of my classes were dependent on how I did on the final exam. It will be OKAY though. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping until who knows when, doing a serious cleaning of my neglected apartment, taking care of important errands I’ve been putting off, and heading to see Frozen with a friend and grub on my favorite pizza in town.

I’m thankful that God showed himself faithful to me yet again by providing me with the strength and peace to persevere through a time that can be very discouraging and keeping my eyes on Him and his plan for using the gifts he’s given me. One semester closer to becoming a Dr.!

As for now, REST. Physical, mental, spiritual REST.



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