Yesterday was THE day – my 21st birthday! It literally seemed like the day would never come (not that I was counting down or anything), but here I am on the other side with this strange, actual-adult feeling.

The celebrating started the night before with dinner out to my favorite restaurant at home with my parents. I ordered a filet (I really only ever get my red meat quota when I’m home) and my parents were actually able to order a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for the table (and 3 glasses were brought to the table) without any questioning from the waitress. We’ve tried this in the past without success, so it was a welcomed surprise that I celebrated being of age when I technically wasn’t yet.



The birthday started by dressing up and going to church with my parents and to see most of my friends for the last time at home before I head back to school. I opened the card on the counter from my parents at breakfast and happily saw the two Jon Foreman VIP/Meet and Greet concert tickets that I’d asked for! I’m seriously beyond excited to meet one of my musical idols.


When I got home, I decided to suck it up  and run my scheduled 3.5 miles from my half-marathon training plan (more on that in another post) despite the blustery 33 degrees. You are supposed to do things you enjoy on your birthday, so of course I didn’t mind taking the time to enjoy a brisk birthday run (and with my fastest pace so far this week). I quickly packed an overnight bag and hit the road to Tyler to go out for dinner with my big sis and bro-n-law (with baby nephew in tow for the celebration).


Since I am not anything close to a “partier” in college and have never played the fake ID game, it actually was a big deal for me to have my first legal drink. Ever since going to Italy and Greece the summer after high school with my older sister where I legally (in Europe) became a spoiled wino in THE country to drink wine at 18, I’ve been looking forward to the day for three years when I simply have the option to drink (responsibly) if I choose to do so. I am not going to be one of those people that worries about what people might think of me with a drink in my hand. I have no desire to get “drunk” and do not like the idea of not being in control of my actions and judgment – I simply want the privilege of enjoying a good beverage every now and then (and probably more so after a tough day or week) and do not see it being something I will ever abuse or that will draw me away from my values and morals. After opening my gift from them (cute earrings and two lovely bottles of Riesling and Chianti), we went to an Asian fusion/sushi bar that’s a favorite of theirs and mine, and I finally decided on a Raspberry Sake Mojito (with the official-show-the-ID ordering). It was incredibly delicious along with my favorite Thai green curry that was perfect for a chilly January night. We talked, laughed, cleaned up messes and spills from baby E, took the typical 21st birthday drink picture, ended the night with a Mai-Tai, and headed back to their house to laugh for two hours straight watching the best-of Jimmy Fallon special.


I’m back home now for a couple days before heading to Dallas for a fun girls’ night out with a couple of my friends for 21TwentyFun round two and then back to school to gear up for another new semester. It’s rather convenient that my birthday is during break when I can take the time to have fun while I’m not in the busy schedule and stress of school. Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, and I’m so thankful for each of you in my life!


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