Dance shoes and dissections

With new classes starting up next week, I’ve been trying to get mentally prepared, and I’ve ordered my books and dance shoes. That’s right – dance shoes. As each book arrives, I flip through a few pages and each new semester I realize how much I love my major and individuality of my degree program. I am majoring in Biology like 90% of other pre-health students, but that’s not all there is to my college education; I also am doing business administration and religion minors. One thing I love about Baylor are the opportunities I have to explore all my interests, no matter how unrelated they seem.

The study of biology is such an all-encompassing focus that allows me to dive deeper into understanding the intricate and incredible processes that coordinate life. The amount of information I learned in my upper level biology classes just this last semester is mind-blowing. I know this will be a substantial scientific foundation to build on in dental school in order to ultimately apply this knowledge clinically.

My minor in Business Administration is great practical preparation for the day when I run my own private practice.  I am learning real world business application in everything from accounting, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Generally speaking, these are usually a nice break for my brain to think about logical, real world business sense in contrast to the analytical thinking and detailed memorization I’m normally doing in my science classes.

My Religion minor is something that I’m so glad I have the chance to do.  Baylor’s religion department is one of the best in the country, and learning from world-reknown Biblical scholars has been a challenging and rewarding endeavor.  Studying the Bible intently and academically, learning the detailed history of the church, and diving into what I really believe has been thought-provoking and personally fulfilling. Even though it’s outside my academic comfort zone sometimes, I appreciate the opportunity to think critically and creatively as well as approach classes with a motive other than simply receiving an A.

My schedule for this semester is a perfect example of the variety of things I get to learn during my undergrad career as a well-rounded student:

Biochemistry – I’m taking the chemistry listed course after taking the biology version last semester. Hopefully it will be somewhat familiar information with maybe just a slightly different perspective. Also, I know I’m taking it with three of my best girl friends, so some serious study parties will be going down all the time.

General Human Anatomy and Lab – I’m really looking forward to this one. Anatomy was one of my favorite classes in high school, and even though I’ve heard this is possibly one of the hardest upper level bio classes I know I will actually enjoy studying this stuff. Of course as a possible future surgeon, I’m super excited about all the dissecting we’ll be doing in lab. Scalpel…

Marketing – I’m not too thrilled about this one mainly because it entails another huge group project throughout the semester. Group projects do provide a chance for some new friends, though (and cute business guy friends?).

World Religions – I’ve heard from several friends that this will be a good one, and my professor is supposed to be really cool. My books I’ve gotten so far for this class are a translation of the Quran, The Bhagavad-Gita, and a Bible with the Apocrypha included. I know it will be incredibly interesting and worthwhile to better understand what people different than me believe.

Multi-Terrain Volleyball – this is for one of my four Human Performance/Lifetime Fitness requirements, and I’m so pumped. It involves court volleyball, wallyball, and sand volleyball. I played varsity all throughout high school as a setter and have serious withdrawals sometimes. I can’t wait to get my skills back up to par and have a blast playing for an hour three times a week.

Social Dance – hence, the dance shoes. This is one of the most popular HPs that people try to get into at Baylor. Who wouldn’t want to basically pretend to be on Dancing with the Stars and get college credit for learning to salsa, waltz, tango, and fox trot? I just hope I can get a good guy partner…


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