Savoring Sunday

I awoke this morning to not an alarm, but to one of my favorite sounds of steady rain. I decided to stay in today – I really do hate missing my incredible times of worship and the Word at my local church – but like my mom always said, “Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep.” Well that, and I had to put some serious time into prepping for my supplemental instruction test review session tonight.

After a couple hours of cutting out biology vocabulary words having to do with plant sex and coming up with quiz topics on other thrilling subjects, I ventured out into the drizzle for the usual weekend grocery run. I came back and decided to throw together this glorious sandwich which was perfect for my cravings on a cool spring Sunday.IMG_4824

A shmear of honey mustard on whole wheat bread, a few slices of herb-crusted turkey, a fan of avocado strips, a slice (or two) or sharp white cheddar fresh from the deli, and finished off with a generous handful of spicy arugula and a couple turns of cracked black pepper. Into a hot oiled pan it went to sizzle and brown before the careful flipping (and inevitable loss of a few prized ingredients along the way) to finish for the perfect melt. Now that is a grilled cheese, friends. I was then informed by someone that it’s National Grilled Cheese Month. GET OUT. Be expecting a grilled cheese and wine party very soon.

To continue along on this anti-studying/anti-working out afternoon, I made these downright delicious espresso chocolate chip cookies for my students that come to the review tonight. We all know that what every stressed, bio/pre-med freshman needs is a cookie, and the caffeine can only help, right?

(This is not my photo and not my own recipe. Find it here.)Espresso-chocolate-chip-cookies-2-web

They were quality-controlled by my roommates and I, and then what did I do? Finally dig into studying the vessels of the entire cardiovascular system for my quiz Tuesday? Close, but no – I took a nap. Happy Sunday, y’all.325ddc09122dc2e12f9e63ae3ca7b826


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