Another box checked

It feels incredible to cross off one more major milestone on the long road to becoming “Dr.” – actually submitting both my TMDSAS and AADSAS applications! Even though my original goal of submitting by July was still a few weeks away, my overachiever tendencies took hold once again and once I started, I wanted to knock them out for good. Speaking of type-A-perfectionist “gunners” (a term I’ve already been called by the doctor I shadow), if you need a laugh look no further than the ADEA AADSAS Facebook page and the string of freakout comments about the site crashing from server overload the first morning. I couldn’t help but comment and speak some sense to my fellow applicants that might be a little too stressed about all this.

“I love all these fellow type-A overachievers already freaking out about the website the first morning it’s opened… it will still be there tomorrow, friends :)”

I’m so relieved that I will never again have to sit for hours and enter in every single course I’ve taken, activity participated in, or come up with yet another convincing essay topic of why they should accept me over the other thousands of applicants (or so I thought). It turns out the secondary applications of a few schools I’m applying to (ahem, PENN) require additional essays – four to be exact. It looks like I’m not quite done with this whole thing after all. Honestly though, these will probably get put on the back burner for about a week so I can actually finish setting up my new apartment since applications and working have taken all my time since I’ve moved a couple weeks ago. Also, the pressing task of re-learning acoustic guitar (yeah, I’m picking the instrument back up just for fun after a ten year hiatus), celebrating friends’ 21st birthdays, cooking real dinners, and enjoying lovely brunches have been sources of some welcomed distraction.


hello again, calloused hands – the plus side? Another activity to add to the manual dexterity section of dental school apps 🙂


my fellow future dentist/roomie and I celebrating our whole house now being legal and both being done with apps!


first night wining and dining in my new place – bruschetta and arugula pesto shrimp pasta


I’m pretty sure heaven will feel a little like Sunday brunch

I’ve spent a couple mornings back up at my mentor/oral surgeon’s office to shadow and volunteer if I didn’t have work during the day or if he had a particularly interesting case – for example, the other day I saw the full process of “Teeth in a day/All-on-4,” and it was incredible to see such an immediate gratification in just one visit after extractions, multiple implant placements, and having the permanent replacement arches fitted and secured. Seeing procedures like this while shadowing never fails to bring my focus back to why I’m doing all this in the first place. Also, I still can’t help but think about wanting to specialize in OMFS. I have a pre-med friend doing an internship at the TX Medical Center all summer, and she’s getting to scrub in on all kinds of surgical specialties and get shadowing experience in several different hospital rotations. Obviously my first passion is dentistry, but I’ve always been interested in medicine and surgery in general (in high school I did think about neuro or cardio – I blame Grey’s). If I did end up pursuing OMFS, I would want go the crazy long (and awesome) M.D. route and have a surgical residency that would expose me to so much more than working on teeth. I know for now, though, I need to focus on the dream at hand – getting accepted to the best dental school for me. Applications are in, so now we wait…

Good luck to any other pre-dent/pre-med readers out there applying this cycle! I’d love to know where you are applying! Just as I was perusing the AADSAS Facebook page comments, I couldn’t help but think these could be my classmates next year – so cool. Also, any current students feel free to share some interview words of wisdom since that’ll be the next hurdle in the near future.

P.S. for anyone interested I do have a SDN account if you ever want to connect on there, too! – iheartteeth7 is me 🙂 Or you can always find me on Twitter, but be warned, I think I’m wittier than I actually am.


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