Recovering perfectionists unite

perfectMy dear friend Jordan posted this on her blog (seriously, go follow it to get an ample dose of lovely words from her heart about Truth, Life, and the occasional rant about school). I immediately told her I would reblog it because it is something that so many of my friends need to hear, with me at the top of the list. We talked about this very thing last week when I visited. We ate a quick dinner, drank Shiner, and discussed for hours things that really matter in the world: our thoughts on same-sex marriage and how to really love our friends, realizing wonder and big questions about the Bible are welcomed, and memories of Dad. She told me she made her first B ever last semester in nursing school, and I enthusiastically high-fived her and said, “YES, me too!” We know we both share this insanely strong inner drive to do all things with nothing but EXCELLENCE. But since when did that ONLY mean receiving a certain letter grade our entire lives on our transcript, getting inducted into the country’s oldest honor society, or shuddering at the thought of not graduating with honors?

I am not dissing the desire to succeed and achieve in hopes of utilizing the gifts God has given us for His glory (even though if we’re honest how many times do we do it for our own glory?), but there is a BIG danger in placing SO much of our energy into some of these things that will simply FADE with time. As I’m starting dental school in ONE MONTH (I’ve seriously got to get my brain to start thinking about that rude awakening) I desperately want to hold on to my (recently found) balance of school, social life, and spiritual life. Do I want to be an academic boss at Penn Dental and show my first year what’s up? Um YEAH, do you know who you’re talking to? But along the way do I want to sacrifice things that help me be the best version of myself amidst the daily grind: authentic friendship/community, ample sleep, quality food, consistent exercise, intimacy with God? Never.

I could go on, but she basically says everything I want to and probably more articulately and honestly than I could.


2 thoughts on “Recovering perfectionists unite

  1. jrichy93 says:

    AH YES. Yes yes yes yes yes. THANK YOU for being such a dear friend. I only wish some of the things YOU said here would have been in my brain when I wrote it. But alas. I’ll have to link people to YOUR post 😉


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