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Hey you. Thanks for taking the time out of your probably entirely too busy day to read some of my words that I somehow choose to put out into the abyss that is the world wide web.

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My name’s Jessie. I’m a born and raised Texan – East Texan to be exact – but I don’t actually like sweet tea or country music. Yes, I did somewhat grow up on a “farm” (and that was a real question in my dental school interviews), but we did not ride horses to school contrary to popular belief about small town Texas. It WAS very much like Friday Night Lights, however. I’m so very thankful for my roots of playing by creeks, running on dirt county roads with my dogs who never knew what a leash was, and all things Tex Mex and Blue Bell, but I’ve always been a dreamer. I am currently living apart of that dream that was to someday get out, experience a different corner of the world, and learn from the beautiful diversity of other people, and for that I am also forever thankful. God is so kind to give us opportunity for adventure and growth.

I am a probably-too-proud (nah..) graduate of Baylor University – SIC ‘EM – where I studied biology, religion, and business and truly had an incredible four years of living in that little #Wacotown that has my heart. I will never ever really be able to articulate my gratitude for that season. I miss it every day, and would be lying if I said I’d never consider moving back for good.

I am in the midst of a crazy, difficult, messy, and beautiful new adventure of my first year attending the school of dental medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Yep, I’m a weird nerd and want to grow up to be some kind of tooth doctor – exactly which kind is TBD, but I’ve definitely got my dreams of what I can see myself doing one day and can only follow God’s subtle nudges one day at a time along my long career path. It was the number 1 career on US News & World Report for 2 years in a row, but I’ve got plenty other reasons why I believe it’s what I’m made to do (honestly, while I view my future career with lots of purpose, drive, and passion, there are so many things I additionally want to do with my one wild life).

I’m passionate about Jesus and wanting to love people the way He does, living joyfully, setting big and risky goals, traveling to new places, fitness and nutrition, experimenting in the kitchen, eating food that’s simply better than it has to be, making memories, laughing every day, all things music, and of course coffee. These are a few other things that make my heart happy:

Live music – a fair chunk of my spending $ goes towards concerts and I’m so ok with that. Experiences >>>> things. Always.

Half-marathons (finishing, not necessarily training…)

Basil pesto on anything

Acoustic guitar

Chianti and Cabernet

Seasons – (I get to live somewhere where they actually exist for the next 4 years!)

All things Baylor and Wacotown

Grey’s Anatomy. Dr. Yang is my spirit animal.

My crazy, road-trip loving, game-playing, musical family

Parenthood (the show, I have no experience and won’t anytime soon with actual parenthood…)

30 second dance parties (thanks Grey’s for the inspiration)

Nerd humor

Worshipping my creator

All things science/medicine – if you ever have surgery, I love all the details

Sports – I used to want to be the next female ESPN journalist

Friends that you can just look at across a room and laugh

Theology and Biblical studies

Instagram and #artsy #hashtags

Cocktail/Dinner party-throwing

Dark chocolate

Reading when I have (make) time – Shauna Niequist, Bob Goff, Don Miller, Michael Pollan are some of my faves

Jimmy Fallon lip sync battles


Anything outdoors

Artisan pizza (I’m partial to my own)


Cool cloudy or drizzly days when all you want to do is read a good book, take a long nap, and make good strong coffee

A killer pair of heels

Dreaming big with God

This blog is largely the culmination of sorting out my cluttered mind through written word in the midst of this busy, challenging, and exciting season while striving to glorify God through it all. I write a lot about school, faith, food, music, and anything else along the way that I want to share. I hope to give a behind the scenes look into what being a professional student is really like (i.e. – yes, my days revolve around sleeping and studying and repeating, hopefully with some eating too), but I am not claiming to have all the answers by any means. The days are long and hard, but I am nothing but grateful to get to be doing what I’m doing and where. While I’m across the country away from my incredible Texas community of family and friends (Gosh I miss y’all), I hope if you read this blog it will make you dear people feel a little closer to me. I might even convince you to come visit Philly or even let me be your [student] dentist one day. I love to connect to other bloggers, so please feel free to comment or share your link if we have some things in common!

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.” – Proverbs 31:25


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. mouthymarathonmom says:

    As an OU dental student (Boomer Sooner!) I feel as if I shouldn’t be fraternizing with Texas folk 😉 jk I guess since you’re a Baylor gal and not a longhorn, I’ll let it slide haha. Love to see a fellow dental nerd in the blog world!

  2. Jessie says:

    Haha thanks for the follow! My cousin actually goes to OU undergrad, so it’s always a fun family rival. Welcome to the blogging world – it’s so fun, rewarding, and can connect you to all kinds of people with similar interests! Can’t wait to see some more posts from you about dental school 🙂

    • futuredentist says:

      Hi Jessie,
      Congratulations on your achievements so far. I was curious if you ask Penn Dental for scholarship or did they just call you out of the blue? Good luck with dental school!

      • jessie says:

        Thank you! When accepted Dec 1st I wasn’t offered a scholarship. I was honest with them and let them know Penn was definitely my number 1 but being a TX resident with 3 great and CHEAP schools, doing all loans, I wasn’t sure if I could go. They told me to be patient and there would be another round in January if anyone declined their offers. Then I got a call RIGHT before the deposit was due after I had already mailed my letter to a TX school. She basically said, “We hope this helps sway your decision.” Well it did 🙂

  3. Duy Truong says:

    Hi Jessie,
    Thank you so much for the DAT tips that you posted awhile ago. I followed these tips and did really well on the DAT. I am also applying to UPenn this cycle, so who know if I might see you during the interview day (if I am luckly get one..).

    • jessie says:

      Awesome, Duy! So glad to hear you killed it and that you’re applying to Penn! Seriously, the interview day was what sold me. Good luck with everything this year! Check back in with me if you do get an interview 🙂

  4. William S says:

    What were your DAT scores if I may ask? I would like to know how that study schedule you posted worked out for you.


  5. grow_in_Christ says:

    You’re so inspiring and… I find it hard to express myself with words nowadays. So, let me rephrase that:

    Jessie, you’re so UAODIBEUHSNDIUBF!

    Keep on glorifying our awesome God in everything you do. Just passed by your blog looking for Christian blogposts on dentistry and I am SO GLAD I found yours! My heart is jumping (though I’m honestly typing this with a poker face.)

    – Mary (had a little lamb)

    • jessie says:

      Wow wow wow, so sorry I never responded, but please know this comment was a day maker – then and now looking at my neglected blog for the first time in weeks/months… You rock.

    • jessie says:

      thank you so much for your kind words!! Unfortunately, you can see the blog has been majorly neglected during second year. I miss writing weekly so much! Just so much going on with school and life…I hope to have a mega update over Winter break and mayyyybe can get back to it next semester. Thank you for reading and best of luck to you!! Where/how far are you in school?

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